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 Toluene price report

Regions covered
Europe (sample) | Asia (sample) | US (sample)
Key features
Market commentary and trends | Contract & Spot prices (only Spot for two grades in the US)
Frequency Delivery
Weekly | Daily (Price Alert) Internet | Email | Fax | FTP
Methodology | Subscribe Trial Request

ICIS pricing's Toluene price reports are an unbeatable and essential source of price and market information for clients involved in toluene and related industries.

Toluene price reports include pricing trends, supply/demand and import-export fundamentals. Toluene production issues, cargo movements and other relevant market dynamics are presented in a concise weekly summary for quick reference.

The reports include toluene pricing for various grades, specifically nitration and commercial-grade in the US. In the US and European markets, price information is obtained on the trading range for the week and at the close of business trading on Friday. 

Because toluene is produced primarily through naphtha cracking, energy values generally are believed to impact pricing and value-added information on significant issues related to naphtha, gasoline and benzene are included in the weekly toluene price reports.

The toluene reports are published weekly at the close of business on Friday.

Subscribers can also access a Price Alert Service that provides real-time toluene price movements and market developments.

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