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 Fatty Acids price report

Regions covered
Asia (sample) | USA (sample) | Europe (sample)
Key features
Comprehensive coverage of rubber grade fatty acids | Market commentary and trends
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ICIS pricing's Fatty Acids price reports are an essential source of market intelligence for this dynamic industry.

Experienced editors in London, Houston and Singapore reporting teams are well-recognised for information gathering techniques and consistent assessments that provide complete, detailed views of the fatty acids pricing environment.

Reports include trading activity, import/export and logistical market talk, as well as feedstocks, including tallow, vegetable oils and oilseeds.

The US Fatty Acids price report covers C18 Oleic, C18 Triple-Pressed, and C18 Rubber Grade fatty acids and shorter fractions pertinent in the US market.

The Asia Fatty Acids price report covers C8 caprylic acid, C10 capric acid, C12 lauric acid, C14 myristic acid, C16 palmitic acid, C18 oleic acid, C18 stearic acid 98% purity and rubber grade

The European Fatty Acids price report covers distilled and fully hydrogenated tallow oleic and stearic and C18 triple pressed palm and palm oleic.

Price reports in all regions and issues weekly on Wednesday, after the close of market business.

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